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This blog was maintained by an interior designer, who used to be inspired by many things and experiences, such as discovering new cultures and environments. From observing different cultures she has been stimulated in such a way that it conveys this inspiration gained from the magic of music, colour and scent within its work and designs.

A new blog is to be launched in mid-2023, which will consist of the latest in interior design, fashion and lifestyle.

Environmentally Friendly Real Estate

Environmental issues are at an all time high and the public is very aware. That includes homebuyers of residential real estate. With this increase of green public interest, the home construction industry are now building environmentally friendly homes. But a big problem arises because it is very expensive for homebuyers to have green residential real estate. A buyer has to make the choice between a regular conventional home, or an environmentally friendly one, equipped with solar electric panels. These solar panels will be able to pay for themselves after a few years, but it is still a hard sell because of the high price. But with that being said, the installation of solar electric panels are on the rise. The good news is that state and federal governments will soon make subsidies available to homeowners who install solar panels. Also, with the building codes being much more environmentally friendly than in the past, homebuilders are including green features in their new real estate plans. Green features may soon be standard in all new homes with all of these sources encouraging environmentally friendly real estate.


Green marketing is too often associated with the mere publication of a Social Environmental Report. The environmental activity and the marketing campaign are usualy executed by different entities knowing very little about each other and too often marketing concentrates on the promotion of a finished product.

We work in a very different way. By developing the "green concept" first (green product or green process) and then selecting the appropriate environmental project. 

Our expertise in both marketing and carbon management is unique and help us to develop both attractive and innovative solutions, promoting not only our client's environmental activities but providing their customers with tangible evidence of those activities such as green tickets, CO2 warranties, green retail cards, etc.

Green business